“Out Beyond Of Wrong Doing And Right, There Is a Field ,”I Will Meet You There” -Rumi


“Out beyond of  wrong doing and right, there is a field ,”i will meet you there” -Rumi

There are days when you wake up in the middle of the night and cry to go home and look around and realize you are already in home but home don’t feels like home ,when you are not happy there, Right?

Something keep telling you that there is a field where there is no wrong and no right , you are free there, you are not being judged for your sins and virtues,your past or the future,  you are at peace, you are  at home. A field where you are You and You are the best of You, full of love, full of peace , full of the moment you are living .You are alive

I love these lines that always leave you hoping that tomorrow can be better, that tomorrow can be the day you have been waiting all your life, the day of the miracle you always wished for! pretty exciting to me that life and its terms and conditions are so uncertain that you can certainly live,move on , stay or let go and cherish the moment you had !! or may be not

Material life is so not cup of my tea ,these words from Rumi haunts me, pull my hairs to the world i want to belong but just can’t ! then prayer to the poor heart goes like

“Don’t bleed o, soul !!!

Find a remedy inside the pain

As Rose came from  thorns

And the Ruby came from stone ”






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