And Then She Gave Up !!!

I still remember one day we were sitting by the window at coffee shop near my house. There was this girl i knew and was always fascinated by her. She had short hair, eyes full of fire, and the voice loud enough to drag everyone’s attention but keep them listening too. She was confident, smart don’t care about the world and people kind of girl with classy dress up tattoos and scars on her left side arm from the battle of her struggled hours and days of her life and every time i asked her if she think i might understand her pain, she used to say she was in Africa for few years and it’s a tradition out there to have some tattoos and she just messed a bit!!! Her eyes never laid that great as her deceiving expressions but that smile, but that smile damn!!! And the vibes that she entered to any room never fail to make anyone feel like they are home or that you are with someone you knew for long time. I never told her how proud, grateful and happy I was to meet someone like her that last week I came to know she is no more that She no more is. It was a suicide, they found her body hanging in her room and i am her who cannot even guess that how on this earth a person can be so great at disguise of its own unfathomed pain! How can someone be so courageous to hang themself when under the same roof to the very next door where her mother was watching TV? How can anybody ever? When normal being get so terrified if any bruise show up on their skin, how can life be so cruel to someone that he/she pushes herself/ himself to the point where breath don’t make any sense?


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