Something on the Idea of Love


On the quest of searching the truth about love! the different people, the different relationship has it’s  own complex definitions and matter of the fact till now is that there is NO mutual Ground except the media portray it to be

The definitions turn out to be “I wanna have that, kinda “instead to its own exploration or the exact way it exists, why so much conditioned? that the mind can not differentiate the idea to its own reality? to me that how less amount of our own mind works on these little ideas turning into crucial stages of our life, few years back I had the exact idea what love looks like and what are the main ingredients to make it perfect?, whether it’s a love of life partner, family member or friends, i thought life taught me enough, back then but fortunately life was not done and reality check one more time that life will never be done teaching you love and all the procedure of loving someone spontaneously  all your life or the consequences it will lead you to. Perhaps the idea of love  world portray as is not bad or wrong instead it might be the the corrected version of few mistakes somebody made while loving the someone or else somebody fantasizing the idea of being loved in a way that comes in varieties of definition, outlooks and  non of them fits perfectly to another but non of them approved to be wrong either. Can we take it as an experiment or something because there are 1000 of ways to love another and 1000 of that don’t work. i had the idea of love and the way i wanted to be loved as but as life and years pass by different encounters of the circumstances lead me to this conclusion that there is no right way to do love or make it happen as ones desire to and the idea might be very deceiving but it requires the both parties reliability and understanding to stick around for long and above all there is no precise reasoning behind what is love, why it happen to everyone and how does it happen that it all ends to the one person out the 7.6 something billion of people in the world. The one person !





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