The Quest 

The body turned into amber

The existence fade away 

Morning rain dragging the essence of heavy heart towards the end 

Is life all about gambling ?

Is it all it can ever mean?

Not looking for Every thing sorted  all once, Never did

But heart wanders in no geographical map

Desire for ones shoulder to cry on or lay its head on someone’s lap 

Wonder why some people are bless 

And some are all their life piece of mess

Is it the irony or is it the paradox of reality?

The more you want,the less it returns the clearity

Is it too soon or little too late ?

You meet mutual mate 

You loose them again by your faith 

Do pain fuels itself or is it craving to deny ?

Is it rational or just false believing? 

Pain came in its thousand  different versions each of them were one of the kind

Is there always a lesson to find ?



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