Starting with  2015, the month of June, we all happened stumble upon each other,  Six people together for a new born baby company who wanted their business of two wheeler on the spotlight of the city called Kathmandu, Nepal.

The different sub culture, the different mindsets, and the different levels of maturity all together there,let me introduce you to all, the guy from your left is Sameer ,then Saket, then Salina, then the guy on the vespa is Bishal, then Anshul and the Ketan, i am not in the picture because i am great one who took it !!!!  in very short time we became very close to one another,from  the  mutual likes and perspectives to brain disturbing  manners to another way of seeing the world i happen to name people with the most funny features or idea i  can come up with so, Mr.Sameer is Mr.Sammer Saan ( a Japanese word for calling someone you respect) Ms.Salina now Mrs.Salina used to called as Di ( the notation for female elder sister) Saket happened to leave us within few week for his family business so yes ! alot to know about him then there comes Mr.Bishal other people used to call him metal head because of his interest in huge metal genres of music and then  Anshul, we happend to be from the same school but never crossed our way,  -no names to him and Mr.Ketan used to called as Haku-Kaley (a name took from the popular nepali movie)

when we started we were total strangers from the very diverse culture and mindset and more fascinating to me is that it did not take a month or more to get along and feeling like family  !!

“the memories made blissfully,

the memories made with grace,

with laughter,

with mistakes,

with highs and  lows ,

with anger with hatred ,

with jealously

with Love “

Today , Facebook remind me that its already been 2 years we are here  and what else Facebook did to me was, left me with my best nostalgic emotion i can ever feel and a sweet painful realization that, we are humans and in no matter of  time, there is a trick of life and circumstance that change us and sometimes in no traceable way. funny to me that human often realize when its gone or little late ! days are spent and the picture made me realize that not only in the future but at times we live our best memories in the days that have already gone.

slowly , slowly and when we are all so busy living in present boom the future is here

the branches of company started developing and all of us got split ed less then in six months then the connection we barely work to continues started fading away  and  every now and then we meet things, topics, funny stuffs turned into some rational,business stuff and complains about the work, about the systems about almost every thing but that didn’t bother me till now when 4 of us is leaving. the family is no more the same, now each member wants incentives or his/her career ahead, i got no desire to blame any of us for whatever we are today or for they wanting to move on with their life and grabbing the opportunities in their life,that’s totally okay,

but here is one thing i wanna surely say  is that Thank you all for passing by,

Thank you for loving me as a friend,  as a sister, as a competition, as a ex, as someone who understand them, as someone who is  immature to them, some they hate, someone they don’t understand, someone they care , someone they love ,each of them give me the moment in my life no matter what it was but every one of it is beautiful,

Thank you all to be a part of the 2 year longed chapter in the book of  my life

for teaching, for being here or anywhere, my life has been better with  presence of you all !

thank you for passing by !!!






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