What if ??

Adventure-Sports-Wallpaper-HD-7One fine day. she came running to me

obnoxiously  crying that now the verge of wisdom is going down to the edge

telling me that she discovered the truth of the life

out of my curiosity i couldn’t keep up to and ask what did you find ?

she continued saying

so here is the the “ultimate truth of life ” that …..(pause)

i on my best restlessness and obnoxiously state of the mind  asked her again …what ???

and the voice start to sing the loudest progressive  to metal genres

“the ultimate truth is there is no truth ”

you think and you believe

what if the we human are living on the sky and the land is up there ?

what if the human are somewhere else and we the aliens ?

what the human intelligence have failed to discover and ace at creating illusions?

what if we all are something else more than people around us ?

what if hell and heaven and gods and devils are the only human ?

and since that day what if becomes the more anxious lines i ever got?

couldn’t tell her if  she was wrong or right, the world is on unquestionably answered

and at times what if is our acceptance and at times our denial !




4 thoughts on “What if ??

  1. I like your fresh ideas and thoughts, the impressions and feelings are touching. ( “obnoxious” really means the same thing as “annoying” ) I’ve read several of your posts, and admire the meaning and images…great photos, add a lot. That shot of the ocean is excellent…also the “ship lady” is that called a masthead? It is none of my business really, just that I think your work is beautiful, and just needs a touch of … tweaking. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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