Heart That Bleeds

images-888133_640And on the edge of despair, the aching heart bleeds

For something very vague, for something out of his own league

Thought to himself that this time shall pass soon

But the bleed went on to day to days and midnight to noon

Waited and waited for guess now too long

Doubting everything and the walls of rights were now wrong

What happen when the time flies away in the sky?

He can see it, he can feel it but deep inside it was only about WHYs?

The time passed but the darkness stayed

The time passed but void is there

The time passed but nothing left

The time passed everything changed but something left behind

Left with words unsaid

Left with “but i never expressed”?

Left with “but that moment unloved”?

Left with never knew that “this was last meet”

Left with only if someone would have asked for once?

The desires of fixing the damage urged too later then the moment it occurred or may be little too soon,

Things might be different or might not but the heart wouldn’t be same for sure

Wouldn’t be heavy each day with the unsaid, with the unfeeling, with the unloved moments

Wouldn’t let people in, wouldn’t let their touch their flesh their smell and all the small details hanging around in its domain

The bleed heart might bleed a bit only if

The bleeding heart might ache but only if

And honey this aint a regret song, please don’t confuse yourself

The lines were just to admire the ache that someone can ascribe to himself so much that

Now they all are alive!!!

Heart that bleeds have his own story

Heart that bleeds have his own glory!!!








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