What happen to the dreamer ?

04_bijoy_chowdhuryshe was a kid as far as i remember but now when i try to chase the loop ends at the amber

amber of her dreams, her passion, her life and her self

it was the highest climb it was on the edge of the cliff

the wind comes and the wind goes

but now her mind is little faded and little twisted

the pain was still there and beating in her chest inside ?

and the soul died somewhere who used to dream wide awake

what happen to that soul ? what happen to the dreamer

the one who always used to dream of the new world ?

with the best people around vibrating on the higher self ?

what happen to the heart that used to sing stupidly but you never want it stop

why there is no  voice in the noise that calms you down ?

why there is so much of emptiness in its own wholeness?

what happen to the dreamer ?


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