What are we learning ?

69bf457dd16d6d21ed99c27958dcf5abSo here we go again ,

In the word of seven billion something people who are constantly  Waiting ,Running, Chasing, Starving, Dreaming , Craving , Hiding , Wanting and Breathing And Dyeing, i wonder, what are we learning?  what exactly  we are learning in our life ? not to forget to mention that this is not about any qualification certificate that proves that some xyz have scored 80 or 90  or 4 G.P.A. in his or her academic but what he or she have learned or learning in his or her life ? something worth learning for

Regardless of any scores or marks or highly appreciated certificates, what  are we really learning ? only 2 to 3 % of  90% of people’s  academic education falls down to their proper  practical use in their life and somewhere in between chasing the top, chasing scores , degree or any other piece of paper , life slipped by in the standard never ending academic

Do your schooling, do your colleges then do your universities and more and more

and in between……  life was happening and we were learning, we learn a lot :

we learn to lie to ourselves we learn to lie to others

we learn to run away from good, we learn to run away from problems

we learn to hate ourselves and we learn to hate others

we learn to cheat ourselves and we learn cheat people

we learn to be harsh on ourselves and we learn to be harsh with others

we learn the importance of money but we learn that its real value is not what it is for but which brand it is of

we learn to groom ourselves but we also learn to buy nonsense expensive piece of shits as  if the price tags were something to add up to our pathetic existence

we learn to work hard for a good life and we worked on life making it more messy

we learn to love others and we learn to  love them for a reason

we learn to obey and we learn to be obey for no proper reason

we learn to break rules and we learn it to break ourselves

we are to respect and we are to beg for the respect

we learn to steal, we learn to starve, we learn to hurt and we learn to die

In each day and in each moment pass by we learn that we are different but we also to force our-self to be different damn this world “Yes we are different “Yes We are one of the kind “the fact is you are born with it and its nothing that you can ask for ,beg for, steal or take it out of your favorite  character .

so please learn yourself ,so learn you better so p-lease learn your cells and learn your system

learn that whatever you are is not you at all

learn that the language you talk is not your creation

learn that the living pattern you follow is not your creation

the word, the style , the ghosts of brands and monsters of trend , the values of the place where you were born, the culture you following since your birth are everything but not you at all

please learn that each day the world will drag you by saying “You are thisYou Are That

You Need to have This” and “You Need to have that

learn that  you can have it anyway but have it for you not for others  that

live it for yourself not for others ,learn yourself better and even after you realize choice is yours but learn it the better way




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