Dear You

d4c6e4979ecb1f78ea558d03c910b3d9Dear You,

I know its been a long time and may be too long enough that you have already start giving up or  you have already given up and may be, everything i writing will not make sense at all  you but trust me till it happens to you because i believe if miracle happens it will happen to me and to you today or tomorrow or any other day. all the waiting and cold days will make the perfect sense that day till then please oh dear you .walk out of the door and run in search of it .go and live your best mistakes, go and find it, go and give it a call .

Please find a heart beating that makes you feel like home even it comes in the pieces or few very short period of time . Please go to the soul where you find miracle happening around in every step you take  Go explore !! go run to it

Go find home every place you fall into get some bruises get some aches

Find people who makes forever not enough to be around  with

A person or people out there will be there waiting for exactly whatever you are And when you gonna cross by them without knowing if they are who were supposed to be the one. their souls will be leaving  hints like; they will be smiling at you brighter then the light of halo you have ever seen, they will be humble and kind and loving to the all scars and your cold heart and without a word the they will say it all . They will be there for a while  may be but will be there always inside you .

They will be like You in many ways:

To be there to be found ,

To be there to share all the testimonies of life

To be there to be  loved by the love you have been carrying in your chest pumping and trying to be given for so so by the love you can offer

To be there to learn you and be learn  by you in thousand different ways

And they will be not like you in many ways :

They might not share the same silence like you do

They might like the your favorite color

They may hate it as fuck

They might not share the same songs or the lyrics you cried when you were all by yourself


Trust me when you , when you gonna meet them you gonna have a huge stroke in your head and anything that never satisfy your empty hallow soul will be filled by something you cant express it in the words. it is just a feeling life worth feeling for regardless of any mountains falling at you every now and then, Trust me or any good or evil  if you do

but someday someone will look at you as if you were the best thing happen to them and for the first time you will wanting it to be believe or you will be believing it and the besgt [art they wont use the word you wanted to hear or any poem or song it will be only a feeling in your bones and  in between the beating of your heart and the breath that comes in and goes out so go and Explore Cause you deserve the love  that  loves you and love that you love to love.







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