The Day I Stopped bleeding

I still remember the day ,when the say

I don’t look like them, i don’t act in their way

I hated myself too long

Thought i never good enough

Thought i was the one who was always wrong

Hunted myself  with words they spilled

But the vessel of my soul was long way filled

With the doubts, with my flaws, with hurt

With keeping my mouth shut

With lies they made me believe in

Alas ! poor  heart of mine, let the greatest demon win

My insecurity got louder each day and my brain black outed

I could feel something  inside heavy, without voice it  shouted

and then one day i woke at 3 in the morning

laying on my bed and watching myself crawling

it bleed ed all the blood i had

it drained out all my tears

there was nothing left to feel  it was the day i stopped bleeding

as there was no fear, there was no lies to believe in

The day i stopped bleeding

and start the healing

with the scars i get

by the demon inside to let

inside the vein i left the battle with without winning or loosing

i just stopped bleeding




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