“Screw Them”

In this world full of people who gonna point on you as if you are an alien just because you are different ,i have a piece of  well – earned advice that


You are going to meet a lot of  people who are going to get intimidated by your  personality  , perspective and the way you carry  yourself better then them . You are different and  having that awareness is enough for your survival.  People don’t know how to react or how to accept the different , who don’t tend to follow the crowd , People who are not used to fit in the box like them, who don’t talk in a expected way, walk or think the way crowd does .

so instead of drowning yourself with what they have to say to you  and the way they will force you to feel like you are damage or weird or an alien

I am here to share you the well earned advice from my own survival  and that is SCREW THEM !!!!




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