He was a stranger but a “familiar one “

I knew there were alot that I don’t know about him but something deep  inside told me that he was one of those territory I always wanted to visit, live  there  for while, feel everything that possibly I could …everything …

We never had a perfect conversation, No we had  hardly talked with  each other but there is something about humen that facisnates me alot that they got  a story inside them that  they never unfold and I was a curios kid that wanted to know, feel , share and  understand .I want their every pieces inside me to be the best of me …I was aware that once I open  that door I won’t be able to  control the consequences and I was ready get damaged , to get scared  for my life..

He left me with strange sensation inside.He was telling his story in straight way that any human can but it was my heart that keep on telling that there is more than that , that there is more than this in his life, inside him .I wanted to be there with that pain and wanted to carry home but missing parts  get me terrified, get me stumble if the image I carry was just an illusion and barely a reality of him.So I  let him what he wanted to be a stranger but a familiar one.


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