“You are not the only One”

Lost in a dreamy land

So, Here is the self evident truth that are not the only one. Yes, you are not the only one .Waking up all alone in our bed when morning rays come through the window try to touch your skin and makes it warmer than the cold night spent all alone with demon into the darkest hour.You are not the only one who gets speechless when crowd noises gets in your ears and leave you voiceless to say anything but with the thought of keep it inside. No, you are not the only one who has to suffer a lot in his/ her life. Life is battle field for everyone, some wins the small battle when other wins the big one or sometime we just loose some battles to learn the lessons, to know the reasons and to know what it is at the other side.While in battle we all get some scars.Someone’s may have it visible and some may not but they all do have.

From a distance things look perfectly okay , perfectly  fine but as soon as the distance disappear you can see it clear that people are vulnerable inside. They become full of flaws.They have a lot of tears shed on their pillow at night when no one was around. They’ve also wanted to be loved back, someone to care for them or may be just someone who could have ask them if their day was fine. Greats souls do not just happen to be together.There are stories that are lived alone,battles fought alone,begged life to be fair enough for them too, waiting there for someone special, carrying the invisible heavy baggage that you may never be able to see.Yes they are pathetic too, sad souls, dead souls, trying to float out of the ocean’s souls and so on souls and as soon as you get closer the images you had shatters into pieces. They are there surviving and you are here trying to blame to the god, you don’t even know if he/she really exits and ask why only you?

Thing about growing up is kind of strange, people wont come knocking at your door to tell you whats inside them. So it keep this  game of life on the easy scale we simply judge people, by the way they act in front of us, by the way they’ve groomed. We think people are totally fine and forget the judgement We are passing is from the place we are at not from the place they are in .We’ve become so self occupied people of the dead soul society and so called advanced generation that we barely  feel the pain of anyone else  but ourselves, but does pain, suffering, isolation and solitude inside them disappears too ?? Do they never ever gonna feel the pain inside just because it is not visible to us and we’ve never visited the places they have been to but obvious to us ? No Right ? there are may be the reasons we may not know but trust  me you are not the only one !


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