“living up with the Truth”

Krannert Art Museum Prints

Each day passes by it feels more like a burden to survive, to breath in, to meet dead souls , to try to talk voiceless manner , meaning less conversation and to be a part into pieces of you don’t know what !.

What am i doing ?? I am seeking for the truth ! Do you think if you ever gonna find it ?  Yes i do believe and i have encounter a lot and the more i know , the less i want to know more. The truth is not that beautiful  place to visit neither the beautiful emotion to feel. It rips out your skin and gives the core, gives the one, gives you inside story and gives you nothing but it the real it . Each day passing by the more truth about yourself, world around you and people makes it more worthless and make no sense at all. Why so many happy faces and sad eyes that is why  so many lives and dead souls roaming around all over the world trying to be someone they are not forgetting what they were . Without a realization they are someone new now and wonder why other aren’t like them .World is a lie! Einstein was right “Reality is merely an illusion” because it is at the end of the day !

Numbers of truth that you will encounter in journey of seeking the truth out in your life  ;

  1. Your name is not yours at all there are thousand of other people who have a similar name on this earth .
  2. Once you are born, everything for you is decide by someone else .
  3. Your are on this earth for no certain reason at all
  4.  There are patterns in everything its like the universal law or the theory of the everything; pattern in way you act , in way you  dress, in way you feel , in a way of every little thing you do ! don’t realize it now (being able to see the truth is dangerous / its a trap too, because you think being sad is bad, No that ain’t )
  5. First they will tell you whom you gotta be and then Not That !! Not this way , Not that way and on and on
  6. Sooner or later you gonna forget whys and all you gonna do is be what they want you to be with or without realization the child is grown and the dream will be gone
  7. .You set rules for your life but keeping your society, your family , may be a love of your life in head and the journey of killing the truth and creating your own begins,
  8. And out of curiosity if you ever dare to ask why they will surely shut you down ! because they don’t have the answers, Great news is that Nobody does !!!
  9. Welcome to life!!  yes it is beautiful very much indeed but lying to me or your won’t help you filling that emptiness or “Something missing inside “
  10. Don’t settle, suffer  and learn be that only one if you dare to and if you not don’t worry dream on the new dream make it real



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