“The Onion Theory”


The Vegee that has layers and layers, just like human beings, for all these years we are surviving we have built many layers as possible within us. But only the thing that matters is the core removing its many layers, can reveal whether it has  a sweet or a rotten core. This is not science or philosophy but this is just a metaphor that will help you understand the human kind and development that takes place inside them and effect the outer most environment .

The Onion Theory is basically about the people and their layers that covers their Personalities, their Behaviors and Perceptions . The real question is how ??

Hmm…Well all the skin walkers on this earth lives their individual life in their own certain manner and face  the own kind of situations in their life this  is how they  start building layers ; an hour by hours,  day by days , month by months and years by years .The effect that all human pursue by any circumstances or any consequences. that help them to carry on are the layers of onions.

Each individual has his/her own layers to protect themselves , to define themselves, to make them little different from others, to have perpetual thought existences inside their brain system, certain actions and body languages. It makes them different and also makes them one of all human.

The beginning part now , the core of onion, the sweet, small and soft part the very first layer of the onion , have ever notice that ??? no ! go and do that . Whats that ? The core part of the human life ,small ,soft and sweet aren’t the all human were when they were kids ? central concept  the heart, mind and body formulation begins So in which layer you are ??!



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